How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Why You Should

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There’s no need to feel guilty in not washing your brushes, we have all done it. Let us show you a complete guide on how you can get all that gunk out. Wash your makeup brushes every week to eliminate bacteria buildup that lead to clogged pores and unwanted pesky breakouts. Prolonged product buildup in your bristles can further lead to uneven makeup application and product wastage. 

Step 1: Wet your Brush in lukewarm water

Tip: When rinsing your brushes, avoid getting water above the shaft of the brush which can get in to the glue and loosen the bristles and lead to shedding overtime. 

Step 2: Place your silicone cleaning mat on to your sink

The silicone cleaning mat has a unique texture that helps efficiently remove dirt and makeup residue from your brushes in minutes. Once the mat is placed on the sink, the strong suction cups will hold the mat in place. 

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner

Step 3: Squirt a small drop of liquid soap or brush cleaner on to your cleaning mat directly.

Tip: Use gentle soap and avoid using soap with harsh chemicals, this will dry out the brushes bristles, especially brushes that are made with natural hairs. The upside of using baby soap instead of ordinary dish soap is that it will help you remove the makeup gunk from your brushes without any stiff or starchy residue.

Popular beauty hack; Olive oil is also another great method to remove makeup dirt while deep conditioning your bristles. This is a great tip when washing heavily coated brushes with oil based cosmetics from lipsticks to concealer. Use Olive oil first and then follow with baby shampoo or brush cleaner.

Step 4: Massage the tips of your brush in circular motion

Gently swirl and massage the brush till it lathers and add a few more drops of soap if necessary. This circular motion will remove the liquid or mineral cosmetics. If you are cleaning more than one brush then set aside the brush after soaping it.

Step 5: Rinse the bristles and squeeze out the access water using a dry towel or napkin.

Rinse again in lukewarm water and prevent the water from getting in to the shaft. Gently squeeze to remove the access water and wipe it against a paper towel.

Step 6: Use the makeup brush drying stand to naturally air-dry your brushes to eliminate moisture.

Always dry your makeup brushes with the brush head facing down. Do not dry your brushes vertically upright which will cause water to drip to the shaft that glues the hair fibers to the brush.  This will lead to bristle loss on the long run and even cause rust. That is why we recommend our drying stand that helps you eliminate this problem and keep your brushes organized.

Makeup Brush Drying Stand

Place your makeup brush drying rack in a ventilated area with proper airflow to help quicken the drying process. If you keep the brushes in a small enclosed area, this will lead to musty smelling bristles. Err gross! We don’t want that!

We recommend that you allow 8 hours for your brushes to completely dry.

Note: Do not use a hairdryer or flat iron to dry your makeup brushes. The intense heat will ruin the soft bristles, the bristles in your brushes are more fragile than you think so treat it with care.

 Step 7: Reshape and store your brushes

After the brushes are completely dried, use the makeup brush net protector to safely guard the bristles in place. 

Makeup Brush Guard Mesh Protector

We understand that cleaning your makeup brushes is not the most glamorous task but it is something that needs to be a part of your beauty routine. Makeup brushes aren’t cheap so we want to ensure that you keep them in pristine condition. Follow these simple steps and you will give your brushes a long and healthy life!

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