5 in 1 Electric Face Cleaner

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This 5 in 1 Electric Facial Pore Cleanser is an amazing device that helps you exfoliate, stimulate blood flow, remove callus and rejuvenate your skin!  Get a full spa skin care treatment anytime you want!

Product Description;

  • Comes in 5 interchangeable heads, all heads can rotate 360° and comes in two speed settings
  • This Electric Facial Pore Cleanser can be used as a cleansing brush and as an electric facial massager
  • Designed for all skin types and can be used daily
  • Soft brush designed to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells for a more radiant and youthful glow
  • Battery operated: Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Regular use will prevent breakouts and diminish pigmentation and scaring through exfoliation
  • The Electric Facial Cleanser can reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Better absorption of skincare products
  • This Electric Facial Brush Deep clean pores and makes skin more vibrant
  • Compact and light weight
  • Simple and portable design, can be carried anywhere, gym, work, vacation, business trip, you name it!

Note: This product is not water resistance or submerge proof, therefore please do not submerge this product under water. Wipe dry after each use to prolong life.

Directions of use;

  • Firstly, select the brush head of your choice and gently push the head securely on to the device
  • Wet your face before use, please note that using this device on a dry face may hurt
  • If using the exfoliating brush head, apply your favorite skincare product directly on the  head of the brush
  • Place the brush gently on your face and adjust the frequency as required
  • Next, move the device on your skin and be gentle
  • Do not stay in the same position for a long time to avoid irritation from over exfoliation

Note: if there is any pricking or adverse reaction please stop using this device immediately

  • Clean the brushes and heads with soap and water daily after use
  • Do not wash with hot water, and keep the item in a ventilated place to air dryElectric Facial Pore Cleanser Rotating Facial Exfoliator

Comes in 5 interchangeable heads

  1. Pumice Stone - To gently remove calluses, use on wet feet
  2. Makeup Sponge - To apply makeup, lotions and serums
  3. Latex Soft Sponge - For extra gently cleansing and hydrating massage
  4. Ball Massager - To massage the face and stimulate blood circulation and invigorate facial muscles.                                          Recommended to use after applying your favorite facial serums and lotions.
  5. Short bristle brush - For gently cleansing the pores to remove makeup, oil and dirt while exfoliating the                                           skin. Apply cleaner directly on the wet brush head.

Electric Facial Pore Cleanser Rotating Facial Exfoliator

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