Compact Wax Bean Heater + 5 pcs Wooden Spatula + 100g Hard Wax Beans

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Product Description;

  • Package includes; one wax heater, 5pcs wooden spatulas and one bag of wax beans
  • Natural ingredients, hypoallergenic and natural ingredients
  • Comes with a built in 360° heating coil to provide even heat distribution for faster wax meltdown
  • Temperature control knob to set desire levels from low to high  
  • Heats the wax beans in about 15 minutes 
  •  Machine material: ABS
  • Wax Bean ingredients: Natural Rosin, Mineral Oil
  • Designed for both men and women 

Package Include;

  • 1 x Professional Wax Machine
  • 1 x Brazilian Hot Wax Bean
  • 5 x Wooden Spatulas 

Directions of Use;

  • Firstly, place the wax heater on a flat surface, open the cap and pour your wax beans in to the pot
  • Next, connect the power cable and turn the power switch, a red indicator will light up when the wax heater starts working
  • Adjust the temperature control knob to high (HI) until the wax beans achieve a liquid consistency. This processed usually takes around 15 minutes.
  • For faster heating, we recommend that you place the lid on to the wax heater
  • Once the wax shows a liquid consistency, turn the dial to medium (MED) so that the temperature remains constant
  • When the wax is finally ready, lift out the can using the wax can holder, but be cautious as the can is still warm 
  •  Using the wooden spatula, apply the wax on to the body where hair removal is needed and after the wax cools, tear off the wax quickly against the direction of hair growth
  • Clean your skin after use and moisturize
  • Turn the warmer off after every use and cover the warmer with the clear lid to keep the wax dust free 

Compact Wax Bean Heater


  • Do not use the wax machine if the cord is damaged
  • Do not place the wax machine into any water or any liquid, keep it in a dry ventilated area
  • Always use the wax machine on a flat level surface
  • Test the temperature of the wax by placing a small amount on your wrist first before placing it directly on to a larger area.
  • Although the wax is made of natural ingredients and is made for all skin types, we recommend that customers always test a small dose of the wax before use

Compact Wax Bean Heater

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